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Who We are

Passion Led Us Here

MGW is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide tangible resources to all those vulnerable. We are accomplishing this by engaging and cultivating relationships with business owners, nonprofits, government, churches, volunteers, and restoring individuals back into our communities through our enrichment program providing basic needs and mentorship

Our Guiding Principals:

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Mission & Vision

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Mission Statement:

To restore, cultivate, and engage community through serving sex-trafficked, homeless, elderly, veterans, and all those vulnerable by providing household goods, nonperishables, and neighborly love; from our house to yours.

Vision Statement:

Through His Hands, Our Feet, we are meeting people where they are and offering hope.



*Though we are a faith-based organization, there are no faith requirements to attend programs and receive services from Minnesota Good Works.

Our Fight


Billion Dollars

Human Trafficking is a 150 billion per year industry, same as the annual revenue of Costco.



Every 26 seconds a child is sold.

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of independent sex workers

Studies show that only 15% of independent sex workers are not involved with a pimp or trafficker.

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of victims

44% of victims report being offered help while “in the life”

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of victims

while another 26% report rarely being offered help.

Federally, these three things need to be involved to be considered trafficking:
Force, Fraud, and Coercion.

Don’t try to determine if these 3 are there, if you see 1, it’s safe to say all 3 are involved. 

FBI reports show Minnesota is listed as 3rd highest state in trafficking in the country.

FBI also identified Twin Cities as 1 of 13 U.S. cities with high incidents of child prostitution.​

The average age of entering prostitution in Minnesota is 13!

50% of interviewed females reported physical attacks by their purchaser.

Resulting in 23% with broken bones and 2% with a coma.

Studies in Minnesota show 14-20% of homeless youth have engaged in sexual activities

in exchange for food, shelter and money.

In Minnesota specifically:

Youth are exposed to exploitation/trafficking within 48 hours of being homeless.

What in Minnesota has given opportunity to trafficking?