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Enrichment Program

MGW’s Enrichment Program is a two year mentorship program which aims to provide the hope and healing survivors need to find a sustainable path forward. That support happens through mentorship, resources, and care that empowers exploited/trafficking survivors to become strong and resilient so they can achieve a life of independence, purpose, hope, and transformation.

As a one-on-one certified program, both women are encouraged to work toward a trusting, committed relationship that is mutually enriching while observing MGW program guidelines.

Research has shown that many survivors are vulnerable to recurring exploitation and trafficking with extremely high rates of returning to “the life” because of gaps in basic needs. These needs include but are not limited to: housing, healthcare, job training, education, and community connections. Therefore, in addition to the emotional and spiritual support they receive through their relationship with their mentor, MGW will assist survivors in filling in those gaps so that they can achieve and sustain the new lifestyle they desire and deserve.

State funded programs for survivors consist of services for women aged 24 and under. Minnesota Good Works recognizes that many survivors are 25 or older, and therefore we work with all adults.

Become a Mentor

Our mentors are our reliable, dependable ally for exploited/trafficking survivors in our Enrichment Program. They offer emotional and spiritual support and help survivors develop the skills and resilience necessary to overcome the effects of trauma. They strive to empower survivors to achieve their full potential and reclaim their lives from the devastating effects of human trafficking.

Our mentors are well-versed in the dynamics of human trafficking and understand the complex and challenging experiences survivors face. They have a deep knowledge of the resources and support available to survivors and can help them navigate through the different stages of their healing journey.

Interested in learning about becoming a mentor? Fill out this form and we will follow up with you with next steps.