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Jake Urton

Founding Member

Jake Urton is a founding board member of Minnesota Good Works and works in the Anoka County Economic Assistance Department. Because of his work, he has a great appreciation for the people we support through MGW. He was blessed to grow up in an interracial family as it’s given him an appreciation for people from different cultures and backgrounds.  

Jake joined the board because of  compassion toward the mission and vision of MGW. He is passionate about going beyond temporary fixes for the social issues we address. He believes that solving core issues is crucial to the lifelong success of the people we serve.  

Jake was born with cerebral palsy (CP) and non-verbal learning disorder (NLVD). The doctors stated he would likely never be able to walk. After close to fifty surgical procedures, he has defied all odds! He has brought awareness to CP, NVLD, and people with “disabilities” by speaking to teachers, doctors, social workers, and students. In his spare time, he enjoys writing short stories and making people laugh. Jake is known for his constant smile and the positivity he brings into every situation. 

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